Environment policy

Basic idea

Ito metal industry Co., Ltd. is limited and values a certain resource and environment and aims at the automotive engine circumference part structure and acts for innovation (environmental) every day. In addition, I push forward operation of the environmental serious consideration and contribute to the prosperity of the community and contribute to rich social realization with responsibility.

Environmental policy

I value the symbiosis with the harmony with natural environments and the community, and we establish a matter for one of the most important problem in promoting environmental management activity as follows.

  • 1
    I work on environmental conservation activity such as the prevention of promotion of reduction, energy saving, the resource saving activity of the waste and the environmental pollution through overall operation positively.
  • 2
    I obey the requirements from the interested party whom environmental associated law and we agreed with.
  • 3
    It determines an environmental purpose, aim and makes an effort for the achievement and promotes the continuous improvement of the environmental control system.
  • 4
    I try to perform an action according to an environmental manual for the uplift of the environmental awareness of all employees.
  • 5
    I value the talks with the area and cooperate with local pro-environmental behavior positively.

President Yoshihide Ito