1916 Founder Katsusaburo Ito starts manufacturing clock parts, electrical parts and precision threaded parts in Nagoya.
1934 Katsusaburo Ito’s eldest son Toshikazu Ito takes over the business.
1941 Production of automotive parts starts with orders from Toyota Motor Corporation.
1943 Kyohokai (later operated as Tokai Kyohokai) is established and Ito Kinzoku Kogyo joins the organization.
1945 Through an introduction from Taizo Ishida, a throstle spinning plant in Tsukasa-cho, Kariya-shi is acquired as the company’s Honsha Plant, and operations start.
1947 Company is reorganized and incorporated as Ito Kinzoku Kogyo Ltd., with capital of 198,000 yen and Toshikazu Ito as president.
1963 Letter of appreciation is received from Toyota Motor Corporation to celebrate the milestone of 30,000 Toyota vehicles produced per month.
1970 Construction of Asahi Plant is completed in Asahi-cho, Higashikamo-gun.
1978 Yasutoshi Ito is appointed as second president.
1979 Capital is increased to 50 million yen.
1984 Asahi Plant is integrated into Honsha Plant to achieve management efficiencies.
A plant is built in Ogakie-cho, Kariya-shi and it takes over Head Office functions.
1987 Construction of No.2 Plant is completed at Honsha Plant and operations start.
2012 Yoshihide Ito is appointed as third president and Yasutoshi Ito is appointed as chairman.
Construction of No.3 Plant is completed in Ogakie-cho, Kariya-shi and operations start.
Kariya Plant (Tsukasa-cho, Kariya-shi) closes.
2013 PT. ITOKIN INDONESIA is established at Karawang Industrial Estate in Indonesia.